Sustainable Fitness Must Be Sowed, Worked, Nourished, and Harvested Season to Season


The question is not whether any one of us is fat or thin. The question is what are you doing? What am I doing?

Truth shines bright and hurts our eyes at first. As we warm to the fire of truth-told-to-self, inner resolve lifts our spirits to retrain ourselves to health, function, and ever greater performance in the physical life we lead and want to lead. We can do a little, then a little more, then a little more, and before long, we’re gliding, then flying, and one day, we may soar.

More and more often, when we ask the question “what am I doing” we will find ourselves training, eating, drinking, and sleeping wisely. We will find ourselves improving at all things physical that we want to do.


13 thoughts on “Sustainable Fitness Must Be Sowed, Worked, Nourished, and Harvested Season to Season

  1. I don’t know brother… I’m part saint and part sinner. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, ride my bike like a man possessed and I eat fairly well. I sleep like crap though. 5-6 hours a night, max.

    • Good to have a sporty commenter over here! Thanks and hope you all are doing exceptionally well. Credit to your federal cops busting the terrorists earlier today. Wishing you all peace, freedom, and a safe season wherever you are.

      • I hope deeper sleep and many healthy, happy returns are yours. sorry it took so long to reply…thought I had to this one!

  2. Living in two homes and two beds may be part of it but sleep is not my friend lately. I can go to bed very tired but that does not mean I will sleep well. I’ve read a lot about sleep and cycles in the last couple weeks and understand it is normal to wake during the night but mine is not normal and I feel it. Age and hormones are another issue. I miss my sleep! Good post, Mike.

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